What People are Saying About FoxxMD Products

We hear miracle stories all the time from people whose skin has been transformed by the natural healing powers of our products! Below are just a few of our favorites (documented comments from actual patients).

  • I love that I "met" JoAnn through the wild horses!  She is not only an amazing friend and advocate, but the FoxxMD Evolutionary Skin Care products are simply the best. Occasionally, I get too much sun on my face and after showering, I of course, use these amazing products on my face. I can literally feel my skin "relaxing" from being abused. I will never use anything but these products as long as I live.  D.W. Gardnerville, NV
  • I love, love the FIXX cream--I use it at night and when I wake up in the morning my skin always looks beautiful--firm and the tone is even--the best is that no matter how quickly I put it on I never get any break-out bumps or blemishes--even around the nose.  Like it better than any of the luxury department store brands I've used for years.  J.D. Los Angeles
  • Using Sanctuary Daily Gel Cleanser, FOXX FIXX Cream and FOXX Foliate Superfruit Microscrub consistently has removed years of abuse from my skin.  I now feel confident when I go out without any make-up on my face.  Using these products...changed my life!  B.J. Newport Beach, CA

  • When I received the products I immediately started using them and it has been a wonderful improvement. It is very easy to use with the numeric product order and because of that, I use each one religiously. The best part is that the red spot on my face is a little less angry at me. Haven't used my "old" stuff since.  K.R. Santa Ynez
    • Just wanted you to know I've been using your eye cream for one month. The consistency makes my eyes feel soft.  What I especially like is the cream does not melt into my eyes like many do.  Thanks for a great product.  L.C. Palm Desert
    • I've been using your FoxxMD products exclusively for six months and my skin has never looked better.  Thanks, JoAnn!  J.S. Calgary
    • I came into the office to see if I could get something to improve the redness on my face from a facial at another facility.  Susan applied some FIXX cream and the redness was gone in less than an hour.  I came back and bought everything, and boy am I happy.  P.W. San Diego
    • I use the FIXX SERUM whenever I wash my face and my skin has never looked better.  L.R. Rancho Mirage
      • I love the new FOXX MD product line, specifically the FOXX MD SCULPTING eye cream, FOXX FIXX SERUM with antioxidants and the FOXX FIXX CREAM to moisturize and more. At age 74 I recognize the value of finding products that include all the properties I have been reading about in recent years. Each day I appreciate the finished look of my skin, dewey, translucent and natural knowing the products are feeding my needy skin along with complimenting my complexion.  S.S.  Palm Desert
      • Your product is wonderful, truly wonderful.  I bought the wash, serum 2, the moisturizer and the spray.
        Honest, I have bought face care products before but this one I can truly see and feel a difference.  You have developed a fabulous product for women.  Thank you.  A.P. Indianapolis
      • My skin is 70 years of age and responded immediately to the Foxx products. My skin is brighter, has a glow, is moisturized  and looks and feels free and easy! No make-up required!  I m so happy to have discovered Foxx.  Anon  Indiana