The Californio Bridlehorse Association was formed to preserve the unique style of horsemanship and stockmanship developed by the early vaqueros of the Great Basin who managed the vast herds of cattle brought in by the padres in the 1700’s. These traditions were not written down, but were passed along from father to son as a priceless heritage, a style of riding that emphasized skill and finesse. Through the efforts of the CBA and Bruce Sandifer, modern day Californios are keeping these traditions alive in their purest form.


 RANCH & REATA is the ultimate magazine for all things western.  Issued six times a year by publisher Bill Reynolds in a format that is rich with engaging writing and breathtaking photography, it is truly the “journal of the American West.”


We first found out about Gunslinger of Bandera from a random FaceBook post and soon discovered its charms.  Located in Bandera, TX, the “cowboy capital” of the world, owner Melissa Benge hand picks unique items to fill the almost 5000 square foot store.  It’s an interesting mix of cool cowboy boots, hats, clothing, lots of jewelry, aromatherapy, ranch furnishings and accessories, and, of course, great Texas music.


For the past three decades, the Doc has leaned heavily on the knowledge of supplements found on the LIFE EXTENSION FOUNDATION website and in their monthly magazine. They are committed to informing you about medical breakthroughs and their award-winning, science-based supplements set the standard for purity, potency, and effectiveness. Life Extension is a superb resource for the latest scientific strategies for preventing and managing a vast array of health concerns.


If you want your website done right by someone who has a mind for endless details, you can do no better than Mike Riess, owner of Riess Group.  The world needs more people who do what they promise they will, and Mike is one of those.


If you know me, you know how much I love bracelets. While my preference runs to silver and turquoise, the Doc just had one made for me that about tops them all. He snipped some of Macarena’s tail hairs and sent them in to Tail Spin, a company in California, that wove them into a very romantic bracelet with a silver clasp. Now I can have some part of the Diva (Macarena’s unofficial title) with me all the time.  J.F.


Laura Reynolds is a journalist, wedding planner, and fashionista based out of the Santa Barbara area in California. She shares our love of the outdoors and is committed to the pursuit of beauty from the inside out. Check out her website that she calls Belles and Sirens.