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Effective 8.12.19

Our products are presently unavailable.  We only want the newest and the best ingredients so we are reformulating them to include the latest advances in skin care. Stay tuned for our new product release date!  

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How to tell when you need another treatment

Your great result depends upon a deep commitment by both of us.  By me…to bring my 18 years of experience to bear in helping you get the best result possible with the least expense, and you…by following all the good health recommendations (vitamins, sunscreen, good products, stress management) I think are so important. 

Looking natural, youthful and unstressed is a process.  The process begins at the first visit where we discuss what you see, what you are looking to achieve and how together we can maximize your aesthetic medicine experience and stay within your budget.


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If you are beginning to get the feeling that you can’t open up your email program, turn on the TV or browse FaceBook without seeing ,“COVID-19,” you’re right.  And justifiably so.  This crisis is a once-in-a-hundred year event.  And as much as we think we can deal with it, that we are stronger than that puny virus is,  the threat of death from an invisible invader is never far from the top of our minds. 

One of the ways you can beat it is by taking some simple steps.

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