About Doc

The Doc, AKA Richard Foxx, MD, grew up under the influence of a woman he never met, his maternal Grandmother, Rebecca. Separated from her husband for nine years by WWI, she was forced to provide for her son and daughter by using her skills as a healer… and telling fortunes on the side. It took her nine years to get from Odessa on the Black Sea to France where she and her children could sail for America. She passed soon after coming to this country but he credits her with his interest in alternative medicine and his determination to treat the whole patient. Now a practicing cosmetic dermatologist, the Doc got his MD degree at Hahnemann University (now Drexel) in Philly and did advanced training in gynecologic surgery and obstetrics. After a stint in the Army as Regimental Surgeon for the 6th Cav, Doc set up a practice in Newport Beach. His lifelong passion for horses began when he was a mini-kid on his Uncle’s farm in Ohio and he finally realized his dream 20 years ago when he and JoAnn bought a 50 year old ranch in the desert. The award-winning Medical and Skin Spa opened in 2003 and became the catalyst for FoxxMD Evolutionary Skin Care. The Doc has a commitment to healing and to helping his patients be the best they can be. A man with the heart of a Vaquero and the soul of a poet, the Doc has a love of adventure that time has not dimmed. He is proud of his mystery novel, SPIRIT RANCH, and is at work on a follow up or two. Being with his horses, his dog, and his soulmate, JoAnn, soothes his spirt and he thinks there is nothing finer than riding with her into the sunrise, stirrup to stirrup. He adds the rare and invaluable combination of grounded knowledge and wisdom to the FoxxMD team.