How to tell when you need another treatment

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XEOMIN has been my go-to wrinkle relaxer since 2013.  Prior to that I was using BOTOX exclusively and treated more than 5,000 patients.  The primary reason I switched to XEOMIN was because my patients told me they liked the effect of the product, that it had the same effect as BOTOX, and that it did not seem to be as “heavy” when used in the forehead.  Peer-reviewed research studies show XEOMIN has the same time of onset as BOTOX and same duration, three to four months, so changing to the newer product was an easy decision.

I recommend my patients return for a re-treatment in about four months.  This is a perfect time to evaluate the effect of the previous XEOMIN treatment.  Each patient is different and the results and the duration of the results depend upon the muscle mass that underlies the skin of the face.  In many cases fewer units are needed to achieve a good result (read: less expensive) and follow up treatments seem to last longer.

A word to the wise: If you wait until the effects of the original treatment are no longer apparent it almost always takes more to get the same effect.


Wrinkle fillers such as Restylane, Radiesse and Belotero often achieve effects that last up to a year.  The best way to maximize the long-term result you want (and get the most value for your money) is to return to the office for a no-charge, complimentary consultation in about seven to eight months.  That’s right.  Before the product I used is all gone.  This gives us an opportunity to take some pictures with my iPad and compare photos side-by-side.  In most cases we decide nothing further is necessary at that time but it gives us a chance to make plans for future treatments. 

My goal is to have my patients look consistently good and not seesaw between looking great and looking tired.  The way to achieve that is by “layering.”  adding a small amount of additional product to boost what we originally did.  As with XEOMIN, this is usually a less expensive option.  I invite you to come in, look at my pictures with me and decide for yourself.


The most important factor in achieving a natural, youthful look is the person at the other end of the needle.  My patients know me, know how much experience I have had and know how important a good result is to me.  I am proud of the trust my patients have in me and proud they know how much I cherish the relationship we have.

Looking natural, youthful and unstressed is a process.  The process begins at the first visit where we discuss what you see, what you are looking to achieve and how together we can maximize your aesthetic medicine experience and stay within your budget. 

The process continues with my open-door policy.  You are always invited to make an appointment and come in for no charge complimentary visit to discuss how the treatment I performed is working and decide on the best course of action for next time.  Remember, I am also available for ZOOM consultations so we can get together without you having to come into the office.

Your great result depends upon a deep commitment by both of us.  By me…to bring my 18 years of experience to bear in helping you get the best result possible with the least expense, and you…by following all the good health recommendations (vitamins, sunscreen, good products, stress management) I think are so important.

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