“…and in that moment I saw that nothing in the universe could be so wrong as the absence of freedom for our wild horses.”  JoAnn Foxx

The wild horse is the archetypal image of the West.  It is our link to an earlier, simpler time…but the reality today is very different.  Competing with ranchers for range land, and with shrinking Horse Management Areas, the wild horses are often rounded up in government sponsored programs killing many in the process and then kept in holding pens for the rest of their lives.  Very few are adopted out.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to wild horses and few viable solutions.

Enter Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates in Northern Nevada…

With a small but very dedicated all volunteer staff they carefully monitor the bands of wild horses in their area.

They have been very successful at shining a light on the plight of the wild horse and protecting their freedom at the same time.  By documenting the lineage of each horse with careful photographs, PNWHA records the daily migrations of these magnificent beings, posting daily on FaceBook to educate the public.

Next, they use the proven method of PZP darting of mares to slow population growth which helps to prevent government roundups.  Proper PZP darting is not sterilization.  It allows mares to skip a cycle of pregnancy without altering their hormone status.  Not only does this slow population growth but it strengthens the mare’s stamina and fortitude.  Not being in a constant state of pregnancy is a good thing.

Last, PNWHA is in constant contact with local, state and federal officials, educating them about their successful solutions and contributions to keeping the wild horses free.

All of this requires money.

Please join me in supporting PNWHA.  For the month of May, I will donate 10 percent of all products sold at FoxxMD Evolutionary Skin Care to the Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates.

It’s another reason to purchase a natural, organic skin care product that uses no chemicals and requires no animal testing, but you are also Purchasing for a Purpose.

For more information about PNWHA follow us on facebook@pinenutwildhorseadvocates or go to  For more information on PZP please visit

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