“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  Those words were spoken by one of my esteemed mentors, the late psychiatrist David Viscott, who also wrote in his book, RISKING:

If you want to feel secure
Do what you already know how to do.
But if you want to grow…
Go to the cutting edge of your competence,
which means a temporary loss of security.
So, whenever you don’t quite know
What you are doing
that you are growing…”

If there is anything I have learned, and anything that I have to keep learning on a daily basis it is the importance of embracing change. 

I am most of the way through writing my next book, WHEN YOU LOOK INTO THE MIRROR, WHAT DO YOU SEE? Your evolution to health and beauty.”   If you know me, you know it will definitely not be a dry clinical recitation about the physiology of skin and how lasers work.  It will definitely not be a follow up to my murder mystery, SPIRIT RANCH!  (You will have to wait for that until THE SCULPTURE GARDEN MURDER gets published.)  My agent has been very patient but her patience is wearing thin.

I will be using many of the blogs I have written and plan to use future blogs as chapters or partial chapters in WHEN YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR...   

To facilitate that, shortly after the start of the New Year we will be changing many of the ways in which we have stayed in touch over the past 13 years.  Along with JoAnn and Mike Riess, a very talented IT whiz, we will be redoing the website and modifying my newsletters.   I will be publishing the blogs as newsletters and if you follow the blogs with me you will get a sneak preview of what will be in the book.  My goal is to use the blogs as the start of a give-and-take with my readers/patients.  You can tell me what works and what doesn’t as I go along.

You already know Mike’s work.  Although JoAnn was the creative force that inspired her beautiful website and while I did most of the writing, Mike is the technical mind behind.

You will always be able to find us at and you can sign up to continue to receive my newsletter there by scrolling down to “GET EMAIL UPDATES.”  In addition to my newsletters you will be privy to the latest advances in aesthetic medicine, the very latest in fillers and wrinkle relaxers as well the most recent info about laser and light technologies (what works and what doesn’t).  You will also be the first to learn of sales and special offers.

And although things may look a little different in cyberspace I will still be here.

Last quote from David Viscott and I will leave him alone for a while:

The purpose of life is to discover your gift.
The work of life is to develop it.
The meaning of life is to give your gift away.”

Gotta go 

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