JoAnn Foxx
Mom in a dance marathon when she was in her 20's

My Mom, I call her Dottie Ida, and I speak almost daily by phone since she lives 3000 miles away from me.  Our conversations range from sports and current events to health, life's challenges and politics…all while laughing and sometimes crying. We just finished a call, average 30 minute chat, and I always feel special knowing her DNA flows through my veins.

My Mom raised me and my sister because my Dad was career Navy and out to sea a lot!  She certainly was never considered the "little woman" surrounded by a white picket fence. Au contraire. She was a lousy cook fooling all of us for years that she baked the perennial pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving when she actually bought a Brenneke's pie and put it her own pie dish. But her wisdom and love for her daughters made up for the "food" on the table.

Actually, the kitchen table was a place where we sat and discussed anything and everything. Teen years are always weird. She was fair but tough. I was always "grounded" for not following her rules. "Do as I say, not as I do" was her retort when I sassed her. But the constant thread that connected us was knowing how much she loved me, protected me and was always honest with me.

Fast forward to today....

She still continues to teach me about life. She is always there for me. She loves me unconditionally. She is still tough and tells it like it is even if it hurts. Her mantra is and always has been "I'm just being honest..."

Mom and Groovy


Oh, perhaps I forgot to mention, Dottie Ida is 95 years young, lives in her own apartment, remains very opinionated and is just being honest with the world.
Yes, I am my Mother's daughter and so proud of it. To honor her I have titled my premier blog after her. Of course she had an opinion about that, just as I will, traveling through life, sharing my thoughts with you with passion, never compromising and never looking back.

So tag along with me because boring is not an option.  You'll find me arrogantly irresistible. Honestly!


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  • Charlene Brinson says...

    Hello beautiful! So loved this!!!! I look forward to the journey with you. Remember when you met my mother, Dottie? The good Dr. Foxx gave her injectables in her face at 89! She is now 94, still healthy as ever. Love that we have been so blessed to have our mothers with us, outliving most of their peers. Love to you both. Keith and I are now living in Mississippi in the country on 3 acres! Can you believe it!!! Blessing and give your man a big hug from us.

    On April 27, 2015

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