One of the great myths we tell ourselves is that we are free spirits, able to cast off the bonds and constraints of community, pick up at a moment’s notice, and move.  Where?  It doesn’t matter.  When?  Now.  The far horizon calls.

 Somehow we seem to feel as though we should be able to do it.  (There’s my favorite word to avoid: “should,” but I will leave that for another blog.)  It’s in our DNA, right?  After all, we are descendants of immigrants who at one point, in an era before instantaneous communication, moved thousands of miles away from home, sometimes penniless, sometimes with just the clothes on their back. 

The very small boat my Grandpa came to the US on in 1913.  The trip took 13 days.

The very small boat on which my Grandpa came to the US in 1913.  
The trip took 13 days.

We're sure we can do it as well or better than they did, but here’s a flash: It isn’t that easy.  It is one of life's ultimate risks and most difficult challenges.  I had only an inkling of the challenge it would be to pick up and move to a small town a few hours away until it actually came to packing the office and relocating.  I thought it was just me until so many friends and patients began to tell us how brave we were.  It didn’t feel brave to us.  After 25 years in the desert it simply felt right.

So we did it.

Bottom line: Along with my aesthetic medicine practice, FoxxMD Evolutionary Skin Care has moved.  Lock, stock, horse, dog, products, and a lot of memories, JoAnn and I have moved our “world-wide headquarters” to North County San Diego.  I'm going to be practicing in Escondido in a peaceful office with Dr. Jerome Sinsky, a super laser doc who is also committed to making his patients look as good as they possibly can without surgery.

Dr. Sinsky's office (and my new office) at 255 North Elm Street in Escondido

We are going to live in a place we’ve been looking for for a long time...a small town (pop. 3200) with oak trees and horses and no walls and easy parking and only the occasional traffic jam.  Cool mountain mornings and green grass that isn’t deliberately cultivated and manicured.  

Since this is an era of instantaneous communication there will be no visible change in our internet presence  But while nothing will appear to have changed, we are changing one thing: While we are settling in, if you order any one or all of JoAnn's natural and effective skin nourishing products you can get 10 percent off the regular price.  Simply go to the button on the checkout page and enter "greatskin."  That’s not a typo.  It’s one word: "greatskin."  After all, it's what we are all about. 

Shipping is still free for all orders over $100.

We are excited at the prospect.  JoAnn and I are small town people and vaqueros at heart and we are so looking forward to joining a lot of our horse friends and taking a deep breath. 

Thank you for supporting FoxxMD Evolutionary Skin Care through our infancy and thank you for your friendship and encouragement.  Thank you for cheering us on in our move.  I'm looking forward to my new office and we have a lot of ideas for taking FoxxMD to the next level.  We look forward to having you along for the ride. 

P.S. You can reach my new office at: 760-537-3022.

You can also contact me by email at or JoAnn at

Gotta go.



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